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picnics under the treeclouds

Recently I was in the highland again. This was the first time since my TreeCloud revelation. We packed our rucksacks with picnic foods, cameras, jumpers, water, sketchbooks, sound recording equipment and walked up to the Caledonian Forest up in the Rannoch Blackwood’s by Loch Rannoch. We thought that we would know when we got to […]

Danila Tkechenko

Mark Vernon

130-in-1 (More Adventures with Electronic Circuits) (2012) 130-in-1 allows us to eavesdrop as a father and his 10-year-old son bond over a succession of increasingly fiddly electronic experiments &… Source: Mark Vernon

Bill Viola

‘The Veiling’. 1995 ‘Catherines Room’. 2001. video installation ‘Bodies of Light’

Lyrebirds mimicking chainsaws

via Lyrebirds mimicking chainsaws: fact or lie?

ECCI Brainstorm

Algae – studying different types of algae Spiraline – Plant- TEA? farms – easy way to help with malnutrition Bees – bee farm Hotel for birds Gardens – the reflect the ‘fashion’ of the times Urban Gardening – Natalie Jerimenko   Garden Idea for the final piece at ECCI Art/Farming everyone contributes their own piece […]

Pottery and Sound

As my recent ideas have involved a bit of pottery making, I started to think about how sound and pottery could be connected. If I was to go into a more philosophical or posthuman perspective to this I would probably come up with something like: Pottery; plates, cups, saucers, bowls, mugs have been witnesses to […]

David Altmejd

  David Altmejd: The Flux and The Puddle, Louisiana This is an article of some interesting work by Canadian artist David Altmejd. Playing with the museums space, Altmejd uses layers in his work to invite the viewer to look closer and regard the space differently. Placing still objects in the acrylic cabinets with other objects […]

Art Space and Nature, and Research

I am now turning what was my university blog into a place for me to put all my research as well as other interesting things I come across. Although it will predominantly will feature a lot of ongoing Postgraduate work I am doing at the moment, this site will hopefully become a catalog and a […]

Thought Process behind TreeClouds

The last exhibition that feature work by Teddy Hunter was STRAVAIG. This exhibition featured work that was still in the process of development. Our gallery space in the studio of my course – Art, Space and Nature – is named the Tent Gallery. In this space, our program of 9 students, we able to exhibit […]