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Mark Vernon

130-in-1 (More Adventures with Electronic Circuits) (2012) 130-in-1 allows us to eavesdrop as a father and his 10-year-old son bond over a succession of increasingly fiddly electronic experiments &… Source: Mark Vernon Advertisements

Bill Viola

‘The Veiling’. 1995 ‘Catherines Room’. 2001. video installation ‘Bodies of Light’

Soundscapes review – feeble, wrong-headed, and unambitious | Art and design | The Guardian

via Soundscapes review – feeble, wrong-headed, and unambitious | Art and design | The Guardian   Interesting article. Writing music for paintings. The ‘Soundscapes’ exhibition at the National Gallery seemed to have had so much potential. Although I did not get to see the exhibition myself, Laura Cummings does have some interesting points about music […]

David Tremlett

‘During the late spring of 1972 David Tremlett travelled through all 81 counties of England, Scotland and Wales. In each county he made a recording lasting approximately fifteen minutes. With the exception of Greater London, each recording was made in quiet rural locations and is of whatever could be heard at that time (principally wind […]


Tree-Listening by Alex Metcalf.     via Tree-Listening.  

3D Printing Sound in Ceramics

    Looks like someone got there before me! Ah well, this is still pretty cool though! Ricky van Broekhoven a spatial sound designer and the designer Olivier van Herpt have named the project Solid Vibration. They have used sound to manipulate the movement of the material that is being used to build the ceramic […]

‘b e t w e e n’ at Tent Gallery

Originally posted on Art, Space + Nature Blog:
The first exhibition of the new and continuing MA/MFA Art Space and Nature took place on Thursday 22 October. Performance, installation and language combined to form an exhibition of work on the spaces in between things, the shadow, in all its dimensions.

Sonics Arts and Assignment 2

Here in Canada at the amazing university that is OCAD, I am studying a module called Sonic Arts. I have found that in the last 4 weeks we have covered very similar ground to that of the Music and Visual Media module I did last year at Newport and studio work that is very similar […]

Step Across the Border Performance Idea

For the final performance for my step across the border module I’d really like to make an installation. I am going to show a piece of footage of a journey, maybe on a bike. Then I will have sounds playing with the footage that the audience can change the levels of. This would hopefully make […]