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ET4M -Brief 2

Brief 2 was to make a working patch in max msp using the already made maxuino patch.  We had to then use an arduino to physically control something. I decided to use a light dependent resistor (LDR). I’ve been thinking that what I might do for my final project will incorporate something to do with […]

SAtB Final Performance

Today I had my Step Across the Border Assessment of my installation performance. I think that my final performance went how it was supposed to and my patch did everything that it was meant to do. I had a few problems with it though. I was going to have two lpd8 midi pad controllers and […]

SAtB Film and Sounds

This is piece of film that will be projected onto the wall. I recorded this by taping my camera to my bike and cycling to the beach. For the sounds I was going to record unusual noises made by the bike but instead I decided to improvise to the film with the instruments I made […]

Step Across the Border Performance Idea

For the final performance for my step across the border module I’d really like to make an installation. I am going to show a piece of footage of a journey, maybe on a bike. Then I will have sounds playing with the footage that the audience can change the levels of. This would hopefully make […]

Improvisation – For Film

This semester, in the Step Across the Border module, we have been exploring different areas of improvisation. I wasn’t too sure about improvising and was quite hesitant at first with it. I didn’t realize how many areas of improvisation there were and that it is sometimes used in soundtracks. This is an example of Improvised […]

Improvisation – Graphic Scores

Today we looked at graphic scores and something called Game Pieces. This is a concept of experimental music that can be described as controlled improvisation. Different pieces have different rules to them, just like game, and the music evolves freely within the set of rules. Methods of directing the progression of a piece of music […]


This is an installation that my group and I did for our step across the border module. We used a small dark room and played with the idea of claustrophobia and being confined in a small space. A couple of us recorded sounds from the inside of a piano, bass guitar, feedback and random scrapping/tapping […]

Instrument Building

As I had 2 weeks left in the instrument building workshops I decided to make a larger Kalimba. My small one was quite successful so with this in mind I used the same metal that the smaller one had for the tines. And just used two large boxes (that used to be drawers) and glued […]


The next device we made was a light dependent synthesizer. When it is turned on the pitch changes depending on how much light the sensor gets The last thing we made was a controller. Using a keyboard, we took out the necessary parts and assembled this. As I had never done much electronics it was […]

Instrument Building – Finished Kalimba!

So here is my finished Kalimba! only spent about an hour on it today – sanding down the sides and making it smooth. I also made the tines, of which I used some old sawing blades and just cut the blades off. They are really good for this kind of thing as they spring quite […]