via An Art Exhibit Underneath London Made of Entirely of Fungus – CityLab.   Algae Art Advertisements

  What does food sound like? What does music taste like?     4o maps that explain the world sound map of the uk – allows people to upload their own sounds. sound archive.

Tree-Listening by Alex Metcalf.     via Tree-Listening.  

    Looks like someone got there before me! Ah well, this is still pretty cool though! Ricky van Broekhoven a spatial sound designer and the designer Olivier van Herpt have named the project Solid Vibration. They have used sound to manipulate the movement of the material that is being used to build the ceramic […]

Algae – studying different types of algae Spiraline – Plant- TEA? farms – easy way to help with malnutrition Bees – bee farm Hotel for birds Gardens – the reflect the ‘fashion’ of the times Urban Gardening – Natalie Jerimenko   Garden Idea for the final piece at ECCI Art/Farming everyone contributes their own piece […]

As my recent ideas have involved a bit of pottery making, I started to think about how sound and pottery could be connected. If I was to go into a more philosophical or posthuman perspective to this I would probably come up with something like: Pottery; plates, cups, saucers, bowls, mugs have been witnesses to […]

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The first exhibition of the new and continuing MA/MFA Art Space and Nature took place on Thursday 22 October. Performance, installation and language combined to form an exhibition of work on the spaces in between things, the shadow, in all its dimensions.

Originally posted on Art, Space + Nature Blog:
Photographs from the opening of the exhibition ‘STRAVAIG’.  From the Scots [to wander, roam, traverse] ‘STRAVAIG’ is an exhibition of material wanderings from all current Art Space and Nature MAFA students. ? ?

Originally this idea I was going to use for the Coffee Art Project competition- and I still think it would be a good idea for it. The only thing is, this installation has become very personal to me and the idea of selling this piece of art (if I was to get through to the […]